Toontown online was one of many Disney owned MMOs back in the 2000s. It focused mainly on the ongoing 'battle' between Toons and Cogs.

The core gameplay consisted of the player facing off against cogs on the street, leveling up their gags, accepting toontasks, battling through cog buildings, and eventually making their way through cog headquarters to face off against the Cog bosses.

Along with battling Cogs, players could also fish, race, host parties, decorate their estate, and play trolley games. Unfortunately, in 2013 toontown online shut down, but after its closure multiple fan servers opened up, some notable ones being Toontown Rewritten and Corporate Clash.

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My experience

Toontown was one of the first MMOs, if not the first online game, I ever played. I also played club penguin, moshi monsters, animal jam etc. but Toontown was by far the one I spent most of my time on.

I was horrible at it, and for the first couple of weeks I played I didn't even go out of the playground because I was scared of the cogs. I never even made it to the VP, but I did manage to travel to and see all the cog headquarters, somehow. Around the time it closed, I had about 30 something laugh points and a bunch of accessories I bought with my small accumulation of jellybeans and clothing tickets from toontasks.

Despite never getting far I fucking loved this game and when I found out it closed I completely broke down. Although I was ecstatic when I found out about toontown rewritten and the multiple remakes, the original will always be near and dear to my heart.

This shrine is not finished yet!! I have no idea when it is gonna be finished, but it's a lotta work so it'll probablly take a while.