The Toon-up gags are the only gags that are able to heal other Toons, and it is always the first to go in battle. Its gag track is available in Toontown Central, Minnie's Melody Land, and The Brrgh.

0 points
Heals 9-11 laff
Targets one Toon

20 points
Heals 16-19 laff
Targets all Toons

200 points
Heals 27-33 laff
Targets one Toon

Bamboo Cane
8000 points
Heals 44-49 Laff
Targets all Toons

Pixie Dust
2,000 points
Heals 66-77
Targets one Toon

Juggling Balls
6,000 points
Heals 99-132 Laff
Targets all Toons