Sellbots, like their names, are the ones who sell and trade. What are they selling? No idea. The head of the Sellbots is the VP and the sellbot headquarters are the first cog headquarters that players enoucter in the game, located at the end of Oak Street in Daisy's Gardens. They're are most commonly found in Daisy Gardens and Minnie's Melodyland.

The Cogs

Cold Caller
"This caller always collects."
Level 1-5

"This a bad time? Good."
Level 2-6

Name Dropper
"In my opinion, your name is mud."
Level 3-7

Glad Hander
"I think the handwriting is on the wall."
Level 4-8

Mover & Shaker
"Move it or lose it."
Level 5-9

"You're in for two times the trouble."
Level 6-10

The Mingler
"You're mingling with defeat."
Level 7-11

"Are you ready for your final scene?"
Level 8-12

The Senior Vice President

"Go! And make that sale."

The VP is the head of the Sellbots and is my second favorite of all the cog bosses. He is definitely the stupidest out of all the cog bosses, (that isn't really saying much) he's the only one to not immediately notice the Toons disguises. He also seems to be the nicest? we only get one cutsecene of personality but he gives off the vibe of being more like a dad to his cogs than a boss.