Cashbots are all about money, according to the toontown players guide they would sell their mothers, if they had one. The head of the cashbots is the CFO and their headquarters is located at the end of Pajama Place in Donald's Dreamland. They're most commonly found in Donald's Dreamland, Donald's Dock, and Minnie's Melodyland.

The Cogs

Short Change
"I have a short temper for Toons."
Level 1-5

"This is going to sting a little."
Level 2-6

"I hope you can afford this."
Level 3-7

Bean Counter
"I can hurt you where it counts."
Level 4-8

Number Cruncher
"I hope you prefer extra crunchy."
Level 5-9

Money Bags
"Paper or plastic?"
Level 6-10

Loan Shark
"You've been on borrowed time."
Level 7-11

Robber Baron
"Toons to rob, places to steal from..."
Level 8-12

The Chief Financial Officer

"I've got a train to catch!"

The CFO is the head of the Cashbots and my by far my favorite Cog boss. He looks the goofiest and seems the most harmless out of the 4. And even though I've never played through it, his boss battle is also the funniest, it is literally just him getting bullied. It ends with him getting hit by a fucking train, which still makes me laugh to this day.