This update has a BUNCH of small stuff I tweaked and changed, so I'm only gonna list out things I think are the most important. I moved the somewhere else tab from the side to the top, and I removed a couple of pages. These pages are the artfight, word vomit, and game collection page. They might come back if I find out a way to present them in a way that I like, but for now they're gone. I also made a page for my fursona Cake, she's the guy that appears in the bottom right on all the pages.


Heyyyy its been a fucking while. Ive been occupied with a bunch of other things in my life but i havent forgotten about my blace!! Updates this time around include a new video of the whenever and a new song, both fin fin themed because hes my best friend :)


Created a artfight shrine. Basically only contains my hitlist form and all the defenses ive gotten at the moment.


Added a little timer on my about page for how long I've been on T.


Moved the To Do list to its own page and there's a new video of the whenever. I also made the navigation box sticky so you dont have to scroll back up in order to get to another page. All the seperate pages also have their own seperate cursors so the themes are more cohesive.


Various tweaks and layout changes as well as a (kinda) new site button.


Happy 4/13! Neil's bangin out them tunes!! .... Something has happened.


Finished integrating grids into the homepages, I also added a couple of decorations around the place. I also added a page explaining my song choices for the playlist as well as links to the songs.


Started reworking my code into grid-layouts so the pages load faster and so it's easier for me to format them. I also reformatted the home page and added the video of the whenever. First one is it sucks Saturday since ... it's Saturday.


Added a bunch more things to the to-do list that I actually plan to work on.


Created an actual form for the guestbook so i dont have to go through a website anymore. All the previous messages also got transferred from the old website.
Also, Heeeey! 100k views! das a lotta people.


Moved the word vomit section on the about page to it's own page and added an old entry. I'm also gonna now primarily go by Bo cause it sounds better than Boa, it's gonna take a while to change everything to reflect this, mainly cause I'm lazy.


Reworked the layout on the OC page and added 2 more bios from my toyhouse. May add some characters from Event Horizon on there since i'm still working on the page for it ... sorry <:)


Reworked some code on the My Blace page to be more optimized/inline with some things i'm learning in the webdev class i'm taking. Also added an expansion thoughts section to the FFXIV shrine, a bunch of links to the links page, and a pagedoll of my fursona. Click on him to get a little treat :)




Various little tweaks and a footer added to main page.


Toons of the world webring added!


First update of 2023!! It took way too long for me to get finished with this one, turns out trying to reverse engineer your code takes a long fucking time. Along with that, there are a bunch of little changes and Easter eggs I added here and there, which I won't list here because this update is already too long. I also got rid of the iframe layout 'cause I didn't really like it anymore. This makes it, so the music player doesn't carry over from page to page, but I'm (mostly) ok with that. Hopefully this layout will last long enough for me to actually work on any unfinished pages. (the previous layout is now in the past layouts page!)



Hey! There's nothing new I have to add to the site currently, I'm just stopping by to say updates are gonna start picking up again. Finals have been kicking my ass recently, but I'm almost done! And I have some big plans for upcoming updates.


Added the OC hub page, there are only like 5 OCs that have profiles on there, and I'm too lazy to add more at the moment. Also, the logo now moves and there's a new song in the playlist.


Added a bunch more graphics and changed some things about the site background. Also updated the home page and combined the word vomit and about pages.


There is now a separate index/page for my various creative endeavors, I also embedded the guestbook onto the site through and iframe and added a new song to the playlist.


We now have a domain name!!


Halloween times are now gone, and a bunch of new changes are in. I revamped the playlist courtesy of Adilene from Adilene.net. I also added a cool water affect as a footer, added a game collection page, and past layouts page, created a little update gif to show when certain pages have new stuff, and reworked a bunch of other pages.


Nothing new with My Blace currently, just stopping on by to say I've been working on a separate site dedicated to my little OC universe Event Horizon. It's not up right now and probably won't be for a while, but working on that has slowed my progress on this site astronomically. I'm hoping to have it up by mid November (or at least step away to work on My Blace again), so look forward to that!!


My Blace is now halloween themed!! Inspired by all the other halloween rethemes I've seen popping up. Also added a Splatoon page.


Added a second side bar and rewrote a bunch in the game log page and moved some stuff around. Also changed the main font to a bolder version and added a new song to the playlist.


Changed heading font.


Added word vomit page.


Changed the index to the homepage, reformatted and decorated some things, and added a bunch of links. Updates are gonna majorly slow down, splatoon 3 came out :).


Added the beginnings of my Toontown Online Shrine.


Added new song to playlist and guestbook.


Overhaul of basically everything on the site. I'm pretty happy with this layout so hopefully I can actually get to adding new pages instead of changing old ones.


Added a new font, links, and a song to the playlist.


Reorganized links, recreated about page and reorganized game log.


Added game log page.


Widened main page, added more kitties, added new songs to playlist, and tweaked some layouts.


Spruced up the entrance, added a playlist, added bumper stickers, and tweaked a couple of little things here and there.


Updated about, added more short stories to the writing page, added the ffxiv Page, Graphics Page, and some kitties :]


Reworked code into frames, and replaced music.


Added Cookie Run page.


Added links page, updated about, and other various tweaks.


Replaced music on all pages, added music page, and added Nintendoland shrine/shrines page.


Added pets and writing page.