Name: Cake the Cat
Serial Code: C-37
Gender: Just some guy
Pronouns: He/Him, She/Her, It/It's
Species: Robot Cat



Originally a FNaF OC, she slowly evolved into my main fursona. She's like the 5th(?) fursona I've ever made, and I intend on keeping her for the foreseeable future. It originally started out as a cook animatronic and was the fifth animatronic at the original fazbear restaurant. She was supposed to be a sort of birthday party animatronic that would bring out the cake for kids that would have their birthday at the restaurant. I decided to stick with the robot theme from her FNaF days and morph her into a more toontown cog robot instead of a FNaF animatronic. She technically uses he/she/it, but i mainly just use she/her and occasionally it/It's since she originally used to solely use she/her.


Cake the Cat AKA C-37 is one of the millions of robots made for the sole purpose of being a desk jockey. She works most of the time but comes home at the end of the day to engage in her real passion, baking. Cake lives in a kind of cog adjacent society where robots are the ones who want to take over the planet through stock brokering or whatever the cogs in toontown do, but not every robot part of the system is in on it. Cake is literally just some dumb guy she doesn't even know what an economy is, she just wants to bake, ok? Also, as a tie in to my other persona Morningstar.exe, cake owns the computer that he lives in.