I've been playing Splatoon since game 1, some of my earliest video game memories are of the hero mode. I don't even remember if I did any online matches in the first game, all that's been engrained in my mind is how stressed I was during the final boss in the hero mode, and how me and my brother fucking celebrated when I finally beat it. In Splatoon 2 I (mostly) 100 percented the hero mode and constantly played in online matches. As soon as the DLC came out, I got it and played it cheesing my way out of most of the levels. As soon as I beat it, I changed into an Octoling, and I've been playing as one ever since. Despite constantly playing online matches, I only ever got to level 27. After Splatoon 2 I was slowly losing interest in these games, but Splatoon 3 completely and unexpectedly reignited my excitement, and I've been playing it constantly since it launched. You can read my thoughts about the hero mode over at the game log page ;)

My Octoling