Final Fantasy XIV

I started playing FFXIV around the end of Shadowbringers and since then have completed ARR and Heavensward. ARR really does drag, and it took me about a year and a half to finish, but then I got to the cutscene right at the beginning of HW and finished that expansion in about 2 weeks :]. I fucking love this game, ok?? ok???

My Warrior of Light

Bug Boy Babel Zoon

Race: Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun
Gender: Trans Man
Guardian: Rhalgr, the Destroyer
City-State: Ul'dah
Starter Class: Pugilist

I haven't really thought of any deep lore for Babel other than him being trans, but I do like to think he became a pugilist cause of stories he's heard of Ala Mhigo. Also, he's mute and uses sign language.


Leaving this here until i remember to take pictures of my outfits.

Expansion Thoughts

I'm gonna try to keep these spoiler-free, but I don't guarantee anything. Go play the game completely blind if you can, I promise you won't regret it.


I have never cried as much during a game as I did during Shadowbringers. Everything about it is just fucking perfect. The story feels like a huge pay-off from the build up of ARR to SB, and the ending as well as the post story quests felt completely satisfying and tied up a lot of loose ends that I didn't even realize needed tying up. Even the lore dumping sections felt interesting and entertaining (but maybe that's just the lore loving freak in me coming out). I remembered nothing about the character they brought back, and yet they immediately became one of my favorites over the course of the expansion and was the character I cried the most over. I'm genuinely sad that it's probably never going to be included in the free trial, cause the expansion everyone praises and encourages new players to get to (Heavensward) gets knocked out of the park by Shadowbringers. The music is also fucking amazing, so many of the songs I heard are songs that I genuinely listen to outside of playing the game, which is rare for me. The dungeons and trials also felt genuinely fun to play through, and were enjoyably hard. I'm already more than half of the way through Endwalker while writing this, and it already doesn't even come close to contending with Shadowbringers (I'm still really enjoying it though).