I have no idea how to respond to compliments, but every single message I get makes me run around in circles like a dog.

Note: If you have any addon that blocks javascript this may not work for you. Opening up a private window and sending it through there should work if your message wont go through.

Nippo - 8/17/23

I've been periodically checking on this site once in a while and I love everything you add to it. It's so much more colorful and full of content since the first time I checked it out. Please continue making this site awesome.

Also, I really love this guestbook idea. I'll be implementing it to my site soon

Hoonis - 8/16/23


Anonymous - 7/28/23

thanks for the follow, i love the site!! reminds me of old 2000s myspace pages, and its super cozy. i really like it

Anonymous - 5/11/23

How did you make this guestbook, why does it send a request to Discord? Is it connected with a Discord bot or something? Sorry if that's a dumb question but I'd like to make my own one day and want to understand what others have done


To be completely honest, I only have a very small understanding of how it works, I am extremely inexperienced in JavaScript. Basically, the code sends the input from the form to a discord bot which then displays it in a specific channel in this personal discord server I have. I specifically followed this tutorial by sadgrl and then pieced together how to add more than 2 inputs through brute force. I ran my own script through a js minifier/beautifier so it looks a lot more sophisticated than what im capable of lol.

mijeseto - 4/13/23

nice guestbook system

TropicalVoxels - 4/11/23

holy fuck this site is so fucking cool

alexandra - 2/28/23

your layout is so cute! there's so much to explore on your site. thanks for making it! i followed you back on neocities as well since i'll definitely be back!

Leon - 2/13/23

I really like your website its really original

Prism - 12/10/22

I recently came across your website from Yesterweb and I'm not disappointed, I LOVE your layout!! T_T

kopawz - 11/10/22

GOODNESS GRAVY YOUR SITE'S SO SWAG!!! i love the toontown shrine, and the little mii you use to represent u is so cool, my mii has a box-shaped head

fish - 10/29/22

ahh i love the layout!!! ur site is so cool

frog - 9/26/22

Your website is so fun! I think it's so so so cute I'm a fan

Aisha / FoxFable - 9/8/22

Ahh your site is such a vibe!!!

webpage1990colourise - 9/6/22

Awesome webpage so much character.