I've been playing Artfight since 2018 and without fail every year I have drastically overestimated how much I can draw. I'm doing that again this year (2023) by creating a hit list, cause I love giving myself overambitious tasks. Anyways, all the other stuff on this page are basically just attacks I've gotten, as well as that hit list application I mentioned. Here is a link to my Artfight profile also.


15 Attacks | 15 Total . 6 Attacks | 21 Total . 13 Attacks | 34 Total . 18 Attacks | 52 Total . 12 Attacks | 64 Total

Hit list form

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By: EpicBubbleKitty By: manta_seas By: MiiMakesArt By: tuesdathy By: Gatchayam By: LocalHypnoFruit


By: peskypawz By: creaturr By: SucculentQween By: E_lye By: lepicera By: Dannythefluff By: PRIZMBOT


By: mansa123 By: BumblebeeSap By: Pen-And-Sword By: B0N3D4D1 By: gaydeer By: kabber By: Phonetar420 By: GSunfoxes By: AmandaTheArtistGirl


By: HeroSandwich By: xCookiekin By: SilverStar_13 By: miss-nerys By: TRTLGRL1


By: Dawkosaur By: Vixki By: SparkyFlame By: sterola_ By: Raynbow By: Parziivale By: Frost-feathers By: lootere By: FriedChicken By: Roseyshining By: TysonTurnpike By: xicheo By: igobykuro By: StarvedGoat By: scuttleprince