• Alphabetize
    Tool to order lists in a couple of ways.
  • Catbox
    Extremely straight forward file hosting site.
  • Dither Me This
    Site to reduce the size of images in a stylish way.
  • Free Formatter
    Tools you can use to minify/beautify/do other cool things with your code.
  • Privacy Tools
    Collection of apps, sites, and browser extensions that help you become more anonymous online.
  • Stardew Checkup
    Completionist checklist for the game Stardew Valley.
  • Firefox
    The only web browser.
  • Fraidycat
    Browser addon/app that allows you to follow anyone on anything.
  • DeepL Translator
    Better than Google translate.
  • Twoseven
    Site to watch shows and movies with other people over the internet.
  • Pixelit
    Upload an image and generate a pixel art version of it.
  • Text to ASCII Art
    Generator that can turn normal text into ASCII art with various styles.
  • Graffiti Creator
    Another site that can change normal text into styled text.


Other Sites/places

    Early access site where you can post commission listings.
  • Erin's Informed Consent HRT Map
    Map of trans healthcare clinics in the US.
  • Flashpoint
    Archive of old flash games/animations.
  • MS Paint Fan Adventures
    Webcomic hosting site that has the same layout as homestuck/mspa. Comics on here are usually homestuck themed, but it's not a requirement.
  • Old Games Download
    Self explanatory.
  • Taste-Kid
    Site that lists a bunch of menus from popular restaurants as well as a tool to use to find nearby ones.
  • Springhole
    Various generators and guides on how to write better characters, a classic.

Info and Guides