Worshipping Volcanoes

I Make Shit Sometimes

Welcome to the creations page! This is where I'm keeping all the shit I've made. It's kinda barren right now, but I plan on having a bunch more stuff put in here. The name worshipping volcanoes comes from one of those a cat a day Tumblr posts, no idea why I've decided to attach it to my art and shit, but here we are. You can use literally anything featured here with credit, btw, go crazy.

Content Warning

All of my art is pretty PG-13 nothing too out there. The most ill do is a little blood. In my older art there is a lot more blood and gore because I was an edgy little teen, so look out for that.



Added all of my artfight attacks as well as a bunch of other thumbnails i did for myself and people on toyhouse. I also added a most recent works box right under this one because this main page was looking a little barren.


Small little tweaks to the layout, 3 more arts added to drawings page, and added a coding page. Only things there are my toyhou.se codes though.


Updates added to this page and layout majorly changed (old one in the past layouts page).

Most Recent Works