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Reference Alt Design :) Hair was meant to be pulled back in this one, forgot it. Based of the song Mos Thoser by Food House Clip Studio test First ever drawing of him. Another Clip Studio text. Ough Random Sketch Sketch Dump Found this laying around in my files. Gif from unfinished AMV By creaturr on Artfight


" All I wanna do is live my life but my bullshit keeps on spreading. "

MORNINGSTAR.exe was originally a virus made specifically to brick people's computers. However, due to the complexity of it's code and the nature of its creator, he eventually became sentient. After becoming increasingly disillusioned with what being a virus entails, he deletes himself, before being reawakened by a demon and given a second chance at life as an imp.


  • Age: ~20
  • Birthday: ~2000s
  • Species: Imp/Virus Hybrid
  • Height: 4 ft
  • Gender: Nonbinary
  • Pronouns: He/It
  • Residence: An old windows 98 computer

Boa's Note

This is one of my personas, but I don't really see it as a persona anymore. He's more of a mascot, the Garfield to my Jon Arbuckle, if you know what I mean.


  • Has a LOT of trauma from having to “kill” computers (which he believes are alive).
  • He copes by being flamboyant, over the top, and acting like he doesn't care.
  • It never lies, and it's rarely sarcastic.
  • Knows a lot of trivia and history about the internet but is naive about real-life things. No common sense.
  • Has thin skin but is good at hiding it.
  • Extremely Lethal/violent when it wants to be.
  • Can program and manipulate code proficiently, although he prefers to fix/create it rather than break it.


  • Created by another computer program called the administrator.
  • Its first target was a user named xXCoolBoyXx, but instead of breaking his computer, they became friends.
  • Deleted itself after years of doing virus things and losing hope of ever finding CoolBoy again.
  • Gets woken back up by a demon that he makes a deal with to get out of the computer.



  • Windows 98
  • Satan/Lucifer
  • Glitching
  • ILOVEYOU Virus


Powers and Biology

  • It can freely move between reality and the internet.
  • Can fuck up technology by just being near it.
  • The eyes in its hair are antennae.
  • Can't fly with the bat wings (they're too small). He can hover a couple of inches off the ground though.



  • Fav Drink - SODA!!!
  • Fav Color - Pink
  • Fav Animal - Bats
  • Fav Time of Day - Midnight

Misc Likes

  • Old Technology
  • Humans

Misc Dislikes

  • The dark
  • Most Shirts
  • Angels
  • Water


  • Coding
  • Gaming


i hate it here - Osquinn

" All I wanna do is live my life but my bullshit keeps on spreading. "

Mos Thoser - Food House

" POV: you're an icon 'cause you're me. " (Voice Claim)

Kill V. Maim - Grimes

" You gave up being good when you declared a state of war "

#BrooklynBloodPop - Syko

" I can never do right in your mind. It's just so hard to stay attached to this world. "