Rent Free

Ashton Larkspur


Refrence First drawing of his current design. This is kinda bad :T


" Just shut the fuck up and go with the flow. "

Ashton Larkspur is a hotheaded man on the run with a ghost tagging along in his body. The possession is a result of his resurrection, and he hasn't had a moment of peace since. Due to that life changing day, he's without a house and people to rely on, so he's currently on the move, looking for a fresh start in the wasteland that is his country.


  • Nickname: Zombie
  • Age: 21
  • Birthday: July 17th
  • Species: 60% Human 40% Zombie
  • Height: 5"4
  • Gender: Trans Man
  • Pronouns: He/Him
  • Orientation: Gay
  • Occupation: Unemployed
  • Residence: On The Move

Boa's Note

This guy used to be sooo edgy, his current iteration a massive improvement.



He's Rarely in any situation he can't get himself out of.


Once he deems you his friend, you will not be able to get rid of him.


Defends the things he loves with his life and will put his all into everything he does.


Will never tolerate his friends or family being put in danger. This has gotten him into some very precarious situations, though.


Rarely throws away things he's had for a long time, gets nostalgic easily.


Usually doesn't mean to be, he just gets pumped up easily and is an octave away from yelling at all times.


The type of guy to incite a race at every opportunity, and gets way too into it when playing Mario party.


He will not hold anything back when being honest, and gets annoyed when people aren't upfront with him as well.


When he believes he's right, he is very hard to deter. Unless someone can prove it goes against his principles.


Not completely, but he'd definitely believe anything if presented with enough evidence.


Barely thinks before acting, usually has to have a mediator when crafting a plan.


Mostly due to the fact that he has no spatial awareness. Usually only notices if someone is uncomfortable with his behavior if it's extremely obvious or if he's told they are.


Will go to the ends of the earth to find someone who's wronged him, and fist fight them (and then lose).


Definitely has an inferiority complex. Compensates by being overly aggressive to those he believes are better than him.


Kane - Ex Best Friend

Ashton and Kane Became friends during their childhood. As they grew up together, they got closer to each other than they were to all their other friends. Eventually, due to their unpopular statuses during high school, they became each other's only friends. However, after a messy argument that left their friendship in disarray, Kane Suddenly disappeared and Ashton hasn't seen him since.

Dia - Possessor/Reluctant Friend

After almost dying in a house fire, Dia decided to give Ashton a second chance at life by reviving him. The cost of this revival, though, was that Dia and Ashton were to be intrinsically linked until Dia decides to pass on, which won't be any time soon.



  • Fav Food - Sliced Peaches
  • Fav Drink - Coca Cola
  • Fav Color - Green
  • Fav Scent - Flowers
  • Fav Animal - Dogs
  • Fav Season - Summer
  • Fav Time of Day - Dusk

Misc Likes

  • Smiley Faces/Emojis
  • Warmth

Misc Dislikes

  • Fire
  • Graveyards


  • Building Electronics
  • Guitar


Los ageless - St. Vincent

" How can anybody have you, and lose you, and not lose their minds, too? "

The Outsider - Marina and The Diamonds

" Just because you know my name, doesn't mean you know my game. "

Saint Bernard - Lincoln

" There's really just one thing that we have in common. Neither of us will be missed. "

Outliars and Hyppocrates: a fun fact about apples - Will Wood

" Too weird to love, too scared to die. Too alien to take you home. " (Voice Claim)