Welcome to My Blace!

This site is whatever I want it to be, you're just along for the ride

I don't even remember why I created this site in the first place, but it doesn't really matter since I only started to get actively into updating it in August 2022. There's a chance I'll abandon it again in the future but who knows, I might just stick around

The creator of this site is named Boa, and you can learn more over at the about page, some other pages I recommend are the Creations, OC Hub, pets, and links page. Feel free to go wherever you want tho, I'm not your dad.

I can't stop anyone from following or interecting with this site, but just know that any bigots, pedos, racists, transphobes, homphobes and any other fuckers like that are not welcome and never will be.

(If you view my site in anything other than firefox i take no respnsibility over what it looks like.)

Like what you see?

If you want to know how I did something, or just want some tips on coding, feel free to reach out to me! I'm definitely not the best at this, but I have gotten skilled enough that I think I'd be able to help some people who are new(er) to HTML/CSS. No promises that I'll be able to answer all your questions, though.

I don't mind people copy and pasting my code, as along as you change it up and style it enough for it to be your own. Blatantly stealing something from me is bad and weird, don't even think about it.



Toons of the world webring added!


First update of 2023!! It took way too long for me to get finished with this one, turns out trying to reverse engineer your code takes a long fucking time. Along with that, there are a bunch of little changes and Easter eggs I added here and there, which I won't list here because this update is already too long. I also got rid of the iframe layout 'cause I didn't really like it anymore. This makes it, so the music player doesn't carry over from page to page, but I'm (mostly) ok with that. Hopefully this layout will last long enough for me to actually work on any unfinished pages. (the previous layout is now in the past layouts page!)


Hey! There's nothing new I have to add to the site currently, I'm just stopping by to say updates are gonna start picking up again. Finals have been kicking my ass recently, but I'm almost done! And I have some big plans for upcoming updates.


Added the OC hub page, there are only like 5 OCs that have profiles on there, and I'm too lazy to add more at the moment. Also, the logo now moves and there's a new song in the playlist.


Added a bunch more graphics and changed some things about the site background. Also updated the home page and combined the word vomit and about pages.


There is now a separate index/page for my various creative endeavors, I also embedded the guestbook onto the site through and iframe and added a new song to the playlist.


We now have a domain name!!

Past Updates

Planned Pages


Seems like a cool little concept, and I do love designing boxes.


I've been trying out letterboxd and don't really like it that much.

Seperate Themes/Indexes For Each Section

I've been thinking about doing this alot recently it's just a lot of work. I want more variety on my site dammit :(


  • Finish Toontonwn Online shrine
  • Create new site button variations.
  • More Decorations!!


  • Nero's Day at Disneyland
  • Snow Levels
  • Astronomy
  • Petz Horsez Family
  • Spore
  • Pikmin